April 2012

8 Steps of a Sale

We all sell the same thing – we sell a solution to a problem and the more of a problem you find the bigger the sale!

To achieve a sale, that doesn’t come back and bite you, the customer needs to be taken through all the 8 stages of a sale, which will bring the customer back for more.

The 8 steps of a sale are:

  1. Pre and plan your call,
  2. Introduction,
  3. Fact find,
  4. Demonstrate your product or service,
  5. Make a recommendation,
  6. Close the sale,
  7. Handling objections,
  8. After sales service.

Lets look at “handling objections”. When I ask sales person on training courses what are the objections you get from customers the first answer is always – price. Then list starts off with: the product isn’t a right fit, the company is not known enough, can’t see the benefit, I’ll think about it and the list goes on. Lets stop and think about these objections – are they a true objection or false. They could all be both however to find out what they are just side step it. Ingone the objection and if it’s a true objection the customer will come back to it. Then you need to handle it face on!

Some lines I use” The price is too expensive compared to what?” “If I can do something for you on the price, would you be happy to go ahead with the order?” If the answer is no, then it’s not the price. It’s back to the fact find and meeting the needs of the customer.