About Us

Anne Conlon, Managing Director of allaboutsales.ie, became one of the youngest managers in Ireland. Her success within this role brought her from the East coast to the West to set up a green field site where she recruited, trained and brought to market a new business. Anne followed this up with a role as Senior Account Manager in Galway where she was then head-hunted by Independent News & Media group to establish the Irish Independent Directory in the west of Ireland. She successfully brought the directory to market in 2008 and 2009.

Anne Conlon’s unique skill is underpinned by a high emotional intelligence, which affords her a special empathy with both clients and customers. Her distinct talent is an instinctive ability to strategically develop businesses to their optimum potential. Anne’s meteoric success story is one of sweeping floors, working on checkouts to managing and mentoring large businesses with dozens of staff. In 2007, this natural ability was further honed when Anne qualified as a Life and Business Coach and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Practitioner) and also studied in the NUI Galway.

allaboutsales.ie captures Anne’s hands-on experience, her natural business acumen, her unique flair and turns it into a package that every business urgently needs.

This woman was an entrepreneur from the start and it was inevitable that her hunger for selling and business would lead her to forming her own company. Anne’s business allaboutsales.ie gives her the breadth and scope to combine all her skills with everything she has learned in the past 20 years. When asked about her meteoric rise in the business world Anne Conlon laughs and says “I have never been shy of hard work and I would say I’m blessed with loads of cop on!”